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Latin and Greek Roots, Group 4, 5, 6

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The activities are based on the text: Mahnke, M. K, & Duffy, C. (1996). The Heinemann ELT TOEFL Preparation Course. Oxford, UK: Heinemann.



  1. Click EDIT PAGE (top).
  2. From your handout, copy the area of meaning and example words.
  3. From the RESOURCES below, find 5 additional example words.
  4. Give a definition for two of the additional example words you found using the meaning given for the root or prefix. Highlight the root word in the definition.
  5. For 2 words, give the definition using the root meaning and highlighting it.
  6. Choose one word from your examples, and from the concordance in the resources below, copy a sentence with your word.
  7. For that one word, write your own simple sentence, using the root meaning of the word. Highlight it.
  8. Copy (CTRL+C) the information from the resources and paste (CTRL+V) it into the table in the Wiki.




  1. Dictionary of Latin & Greek Words in Modern English Vocabulary (Put the prefix or root in the search area to find many words and definitions for it.).

  2. To find definitions and additional words/expressions, see Online Dictionaries.
  3. Concordance:  Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA). Click ENTER. Register yourself (free) and remember your username/password. Type the word(s) into the search string. Click KWIC (keyword in context) and then Search. On the right side you will see the word with the frequency of occurrence in the corpus. Click the word and select a sample sentence with the meaning you chose. Click MORE to get the entire sentence. Copy/paste it into the column. Then write a simple sentence of your own with the same word, modeled on the sentence from the concordance.





Latin root

Area of meaning

Example Words

Additional Example Words

Definition using the root meaning

Copy a sentence from the concordance with your word.

 Write your own simple sentence with the same word.    









 A person who believes that the existence of God is unknown, but does not deny the possibility that God exists


He wasn't an atheist, or even an Agnostic, but he had never accepted the religion developing around him

My friend is an agnostic.  He doesn't believe in the existence of God.

Write a bit more to explain the meaning. 

grad-, gress- 







 Deliberately unfriendly behavior.

 Jeanne experiences the full brunt of Paul's sexual aggression and violence.



Fisical (sp!!!) aggression is everywhere.  

Try to show the meaning of the word more clearly. 



 telegraph, phonograph



 Someone who writes reports about atmospheric conditions.

Edward Thomas Earhart, 26, Salt Lick, Ky., aerographer's mate first class, U.S. Navy. (this sentence doesn't show the meaning!)

Because he loves the weather report, he His wants to be an aerographer.  

4.3 / 5



 gregarious, congregation




1. Several things grouped together or considered as a whole.
2. The act of gathering something together.
3. A group or mass of distinct or varied things, people, etc.
4. In biology, a group of organisms of the same, or different species, living closely together but less integrated than a society.


 Somewhat larger groups gathered to hunt antelope, but these were temporary aggregations.Murphy, Robert F.(This sentence doesn't show the meaning of the word.) 

The aggregation of his TOEFL score is very high. better: His aggregated TOEFL score is very high.







characteristic of or capable of or having a tendency toward killing another human being 

 Her cause of death was listed as “homicidal violence, including submersion in water.”Washington PostNov 29, 2011

People seem to have become more homicidal these days as the murder rate has gone up.

Be careful with statements. Use tentative language (may, might, seem)  to soften the statement. 


 medical care




1. The branch of medical science dealing with the study of childhood and the diseases of children.
2. The medical specialty concerned with the study and treatment of children in health and disease during development from birth through adolescence.

"They're very different," according Dr. Michael Rich, a professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.

Seattle TimesMar 22, 2012 (This sentence does not illustrate the meaning.)

Thanks to pediatrics, the treatment cured Betty's son of the serious sickness from which he was suffering. (excellent sentence!)

4.5 / 5 






Latin: right, upright, equitable; legal right, law


1: One of its characteristics are to one sends jussive console remotely. (??????)


2: This is a jussive subjunctive. (This sentence does not illustrate the meaning at all!)




 work, toil




to slip, to fall; to glide


1: What made you want to look up labefaction? Please tell us where you read or heard it

With the decreasing labefaction of our environment, people should develop new energy.

Labefaction is a noun, but you use a verb to explain it. This does not work! Your sentences are also not clear. I do not know or understand this word. 

3.5 / 5





Latin root

Area of meaning

Example Words

Additional Example Words   

Definition using the root meaning

Copy a sentence from the concordance with your word. 

Write your own simple sentence with the same word.      




       loculus, location


A small area of a country, city etc.


The universality of the church depends on its locality. 

In some localities house prices have risen by more than 50%.




 illumine, illuminant


The condition or quality of emitting or reflecting light.

TV set detecting only the luminance signal still displays a normal black-and-white picture. 

The sun is a luminous object.





 break down

 analysis, paralysis


 Self-analysis as in psychoanalysis of oneself.

 When someone has schizophrenia first step to treat him is autoanalysis ( i didn't find any ST in the dictionary so i carated this) good!

the autoanalysis detect a person's insanity






 manual, manufacture, manuscript


Involving or requiring the use of both hands.


Movements appears to be solved by synchronizing both hands to a common movement duration. 

Demonstration needs bimanual to deliver the idea.

The person explained the idea in a bimanual manner, using many gestures.

4.5 /5 





1.  electromechanical











2.  biomechanical

 1. A reference to a mechanical device, system, or process that is actuated or controlled by electromagnetic or electrostatic phenomena.



2. A reference to the applications of mechanical forces to living organisms and the investigations of the effects of the interactions of force and the body or system

1. From physics and mathematics to advanced modeling and electromechanical systems integration, this content knowledge has expanded enormously over the years.





2. The biomechanical goals of the external ring fixation are, to maintain the bone ends in stable alignment, control the movement of the bone projectile and allow compression of the target zone.


1. The boy has many electromechanical toys. They run on motors.








2. Biomechanical tests are used a lot in biological science. They use organic materials and  ......

Write more to explain the meaning. 










Where is the meaning explained?




 memory, remember commemorate 

1.  memoir










 2. membrane

1.  A record of facts about a subject personally known or investigated, or a narrative of one's life or experiences.


2. a pliable sheet of tissue that covers or lines or connects the organs or cells of animals or plants

1. It was obvious to me that Enright was darker than the lovable Mr. Chips of this memoir; there was more to say.






2. I found a fleshy membrane pierced by so small a hole that large pin's head could scarcely have gone through.

Seingalt, Jacques Casanova de

1. She wrote a memoir of her entire life. (good, but where is the meaing of "mind"?)








2. It (What does "it" refer to???? Please specify.) is easily noticed by a red membrane surrounding the eyes.



















 small, lesser

 minute, minor, minimize

1. administer






2. diminish

1. To manage the affairs (small details) of a business, organization, or institution.


2. To make something smaller or less important, or to become smaller or less important; to reduce in bulk or amount; to lessen; opposed to augment or increase.


1. In some cases these institutions are organized and administered conjointly with the civil authorities.



2. In order to achieve democracy and diminish the prospect of a new strongman taking over, certain conditions have to be fulfilled.


1. The doctor administered some medicines to his patient.



2. Factories can diminish the cost of production by paying their workers less.







good, but "cut" or "reduce" would be better here. 

Good extra words!

4.5 / 5




mit-, miss- 


 submit, remit, transmission


to send out electronic signals, messages etc using radio, television, or other similar equipment. The system transmits information over digital phone lines.

 knowledge is transmitted from teacher to students.

What happened to this root, Nouf? Didn't like it?  Please complete.






Latin root

Area of meaning

Example Words

Additional Example Words

Definition using the root meaning

Copy a sentence from the concordance with your word.  

 Write your own simple sentence with the same word.   



 move, motion

 automotive, emotion



pertaining to, producing, or tending to produce a flow of electricity.    The cell is a diode in which light generates the electromotive force. 

 Another challenge is the specialist skill set of ElectroMotive engineers. (I could not think of any)!! The car needs electromotive force to go anywhere.

Nouf, you had a word in the group above, too! 


2.5 / 5




 innate, nativity


relating to or involving more than one nation

Any attack on me would have received international publicity 

we have an international airport in my city. People from many nations arrive there.

Please show the meaning of the root by adding more context. 





the science or job of planning which way you need to go when you are travelling from one place to another.


Does that affect their navigation, the movement of the pole, the magnetic pole? 

Ahmed got a new navigation device for his car. 

Good, but please remember to use the word in the correct grammatical context, too. Navigation is a noun. 

4.3 / 5











nomen-, nym-














 oculist, binocular 

Of or relating to the turning of the eyeballs in the eye sockets.

He's interrupted as Leonard suddenly goes into an severe oculogyric crisis, his head thrusting back 



Oculogyric injuries require immediate surgery.  Quite an unusual word! 


 straight, right

 orthodontist, orthodox

describe lines that meet at a right angle, it also describes events that are statistically independent, or do not affect one another in terms of outcome.

Cultures are valued, and a variety of constructs are measured. ORTHOGONAL SCALES The orthogonal cultural identification model developed by Oetting and Beauvais (1990) proposes that identification with.


Journal of Drug Issues 2008


Nutrition investigates the orthogonal and physiological responses of the body to diet. (Explain more!)






 philosophy, philanthropist

a person who loves learning and literature; by studying, and via scholarship.

Goes beyond the fact the she  is  a  non-Lockhartian  New Philologist  ,   a   scholar   of  Nahuatl whose use of judicial records



LatinAmResRev 2003

Good sentenceds!

The philologist writer in the early 20th century is D.H.Lawrence


4.7 / 5


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