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The activities are based on the text: Mahnke, M. K, & Duffy, C. (1996). The Heinemann ELT TOEFL Preparation Course. Oxford, UK: Heinemann.



  1. Click EDIT PAGE (top).
  2. From your handout, copy the area of meaning and example words.
  3. From the RESOURCES below, find 5 additional example words.
  4. Give a definition for two of the additional example words you found using the meaning given for the root or prefix. Highlight the root word in the definition.
  5. For 2 words, give the definition using the root meaning and highlighting it.
  6. Choose one word from your examples, and from the concordance in the resources below, copy a sentence with your word.
  7. For that one word, write your own simple sentence, using the root meaning of the word. Highlight it.
  8. Copy (CTRL+C) the information from the resources and paste (CTRL+V) it into the table in the Wiki.




  1. Dictionary of Latin & Greek Words in Modern English Vocabulary (Put the prefix or root in the search area to find many words and definitions for it.).

  2. To find definitions and additional words/expressions, see Online Dictionaries.
  3. Usage Examples: From Vocabulary.com, copy/paste a sample sentence that illustrates the meaning of the word clearly.

  4. Then write a simple sentence of your own with the same word.


V7: Predict Meaning Using Prefixes--Prefixes for time, place (where)


Student Prefix Meaning Example
3 additional

For 2 of the words, give a definition, using the meaning of the prefix and highlight it.

For one of the words, copy a sentence from the with your word. For one word, write your own simple sentence, showing the root meaning. Comments Evaluation
Amani  ante- 


Please copy the words from your handout! 

1- anteaural

2- antecedent

3- antediluvian


2- formal an event, organization, or thing that is similar to the one you have mentioned but existed earlier.


3- very old-fashioned 

3. Republicans were "antediluvian" wrote online Slate magazine columnist Jacob Weisberg  Ahmed likes the antediluvian furnitures. Interesting, sarcastic meanin here. Generally, "antediluvian" refers to a historical time period, so we see antediluvian sediments in the rocks. #2 is a really important example. Good choice! You should have chosen the same word for the other columns.   
  pre-  before 

Please copy the words from your handout! 

1. precancerous 

2. precaution

3. precede

1. of or relating to a growth that is not malignant but is likely to become so if not treated.


2. something you do in order to prevent something dangerous or unpleasant from happening. 

Henry prepared to depart; he walked slowly through the benches, preceded by a few persons who were leaving the house.  Tumors are precancerous Amani, do you now know the meaning of all 3 words? I'm not sure. Stick with one for the sample sentences.   
  pro-  before, for Please copy the words from your handout! 

1. proactive

2. proceed

3. probably

1. making things happen or change rather than reacting to events.


3. used to say that something is likely to happen, likely to be true.

Henry inclined his head; and the knight proceeded--"Have these two men held any communication together in the anteroom?" probably, he will pass the final exam.  Good, but please capitalize the first letter of the sentence.   
  re-  back , again Please copy the words from your handout! 

1. receipt

2. reciprocal

3. reclaim

1. a piece of paper that you are given which shows that you have paid for something.


3. to get back an amount of money that you have paid 

The existence of reciprocal copyright conditions is determined by presidential proclamation.  Ahmed reclaimed his money from the bank. Good sentence.   
  after-  I coulden't find anything about this prefixe. 

Please copy the words from your handout!









      This is a very common prefix! Did you check other dictionaries? Please work with the words I found from the Vocabulary dictionary link. 4.3 /5 points
Sadraque  ep-  above, over, upon, in addition to, among. 











widespread, over or among many people at the same time, such as deaisease. (sp)


 On the surface of the skin.  

 Yet by the early 1970s malaria was resurgent on several continents, often reaching epidemic proportions. The flu has become epidemic in Vermont. 

Watch the spelling! 

Good sentences

  post-  after, behind, later, subsequent 




post partum





post abortion

post deluvial

a posteriori  

After birth  





happening subsequent to, or after, an abortion.

Exercising soon after childbirth is primarily good for mental health — possibly guarding against postpartum depression — not for shedding baby weight.

She can request postpartum leave; I am sure the Bboss will conaccede.   Good sentences! See "accede" among your words below.  
  ac- to, toward, addition, to, near, at   accede  










To comply with, consent to, approve.  


To give someone a job or to assign with a task to complete.

Hedge funds are unlikely to accede, analysts say.BusinessWeekJan 12, 2012


One of his first assignments was covering family reunions between North and South Koreans in Seoul.

TimeApr 26, 2012  

The principal of the school acceded to the students' complaints.  



He was assigned to conduct the meeting.

I couldent find more example words for ac and af as all these are interconnected to "ad."  

The Vocabulary dictionary link had many!!!!

  ad- to, toward, addition, to, near, at.  

















toward this (purpose), temporary. 



A statement made by church leader and intended only for clergy as opposed to a statement ad populum, "to the people."

In one instance, an ad hoc group is using a kind of trade association approach to articulate common standards.New York TimesMar 12, 2012 We should create an ad-hoc 

Committee to represent international students in Saint Michael and solve this issue with the board of Directors.

Please see the common additional words from the Vocabulary dictionary.   
  af- to fasten, join, to put or to add.   affix  affix (You should be listing NEW words here, not the same one.) To fasten or stick something in something else.   The prescribed notice must be affixed to each copy of the work published or offered for sale in the United States. The agenda of the meeting should be affixed one week before to the email.   Your sentence didn't show the meaning for "affix". What should the agenda be attached to? An email!   4.3 / 5 points 
Gaudence  ag- to, toward 


1. aggression








 2. agglomerate





 3. agglutinate

1. Violent action (toward others) that is hostile and usually unprovoked.
2. Deliberately unfriendly behavior.


1. to form or be formed into a mass or cluster; collect;

2. gathered together into a cluster or mass.


to unite or cause to adhere (something or someone to), as with glue; clustered together but not coherent 

Several government ministers warned in recent days that Argentina’s decision was an act of aggression against Spain and would not go unpunished.

New York TimesApr 20, 2012






Tom’s father always beats his wife without any reasons; therefore, his aggression is chronic.  Good sentence; very unfortunate meaning! She should call the police!  
  an- to, toward  annotate 

1. annotate 






 2. announce 



 3. annunciation

to supply with critical or explanatory notes; comment upon in notes:


to make known publicly to the people, the mind or senses.


Many people manually annotate their pictures after they've uploaded them to a computer. 

My friend Judy always annotates definitions of difficult words in margins.

  by- near  bystander 

1. byplay






2. byway





3. bygone




4. byproduct 

5. bypass

an action or speech carried on to the side while the main action proceeds, especially on the stage.


a side road little traveled (as in the countryside): byroad, bypath


well in the past; former, 2. earlier than the present time; no longer current; bypast



Among its most eager auditors are outsiders, reporting every byplay to profoundly interested critics across the seas.








In bygone times taking snuff was extremely popular, its palmy days in England being during the eighteenth century.

Andrews, William 


While his cousin was performing her drama, he was byplay taking pictures doing a byplay next door.

Not a common word; common words are byway, bygone, byproduct, and bypass.   
in  envelope 

1. encircle






2. engrave  




 3. enzootic





 4. embarkation, embarcation

1. To form a circle around someone or something.
2. To move or to go around completely; to make a circuit of. 

carve, cut, or etch into a material or surface


of a disease that is constantly present in an animal community but only occurs in a small number of cases


1. The loading of troops with their supplies and equipment into ships or aircraft. 

e.g Her right arm, encircled with a golden bracelet, rests on her knees, which are covered by red drapery.

Bolton, Sarah K.


e.g Her pictures were often engraved in her own days, but they are now thought little of.

Koehler, S. R.






Here we were occupied for a few days in putting things in the best order we could, previous to our embarkation.

Surtees, William

The teacher asked his students to encircle the correct answer.  Nice!   
  im- into  immerse 

1. immigrate 








2. import







 3. immerse 

1. To enter a new country for the purpose of settling there.
2. To bring people into country and to settle them as permanent residents there. 


That which is imported or brought in; a commodity imported from abroad; as opposed to export.


Cause to be thrown intoto plunge into or place under a liquid; dip; sink.

He was born in New York to parents who had immigrated from Eastern Europe.

Washington PostFeb 12, 2012


My grandfather immigrated from Uganda to Rwanda. 

Good!  5 / 5 points 
Nouf  intra- within  **intramural 

1.intractable (in-tract-able)






2.intransigent (adj.)





3.intransitive (= in-trans-itive) 





2.  unwilling to change your ideas or behaviour, in a way that seems unreasonable.

** happening within one school, or intended for the students of one school





2. Nations are often accused of intransigence when they refuse to comply with international standards or will. 

1- Problems are intractable when they can't be solved. 


These words do not have "intra-" as a prefix. They consist of the prefix "in-" plus the root "trans".

Other examples of "intra-" are

  • intranet
  • intravenous 
  intro- inside  introspection




2. introduce



3. introductory

1. An introvert is person who is wrapped up in herself.



3. said or written at the beginning of a book, speech etc in order to explain what it is about.

There is less crowing and apparently more time given to meditation and introspection.
She is  an introvert person because she is quiet , shy, and does not enjoy being with other people.  Good examples and sentences!   
  enter- among  entertain






2. enterogram



1-Enterprise describes a readiness to act boldly to get something started.



3. a painful infection in your intestines.

1.The space shuttle enterprise was delivered to New York Friday morning and given a grand entrance.

A museum should aim to entertain as well as educate. 

- One has to entertain him/ herself.

Good examples and sentences   
  inter- among  interstate 
















1. Interpersonal refers to something involving, or occurring among several people. 


 2.a communication system linking different rooms within a building or ship etc.

Sometimes corporations find it useful to train their employees on any interpersonal skills they may be lacking.  

3- I love to travel in by the intercity trains.


good examples and sentences   
  epi- upon  epidermis 










1. the place on the surface of the Earth that is right above the point where an earthquake begins inside the Earth.



3. a long or important letter.

**The space shuttle enterprise was delivered to New York Friday morning and given a grand entrance. (Where is the prefix "epi-" in this word???) - Scientists are able to define the epicenter.

not completed by due date

I am sorry Christina, I wasn't able to access the WIKI page.

ok, but you should have let me know!


3.75 points / 5 (- 10% for late work)
Dalal  e-






1_ exosmosis.


3- eclectic.


 1_ exosmosis:

 Diffusion or osmosis from within outward; movement outward through a diaphragm or through vessel walls.

2- ecstasy:

being carried away by overwhelming emotion). 

experienced ecstasy but it was often bitter later on.

A small gift makes children happy even chocolate can make them ecstasytic.

Ecstasy is a noun; you needed the adjective form in your sentence, ecstatic  
  extra- outside  extraterrestrial 

1- external 

2- extrafamilial.

3 extraterrestrial 
 1- external: 

connected with the outside or an outer part.


2- extrafamilial:

Outside or beyond a family or its control.

No federal funds have been spent searching for radio signals from extraterrestrials since 1993. 

I did not hear about the external occasion. 

I did not hear about the external problems.

I don't understand this sentence. There is no such thing as an "external occasion".
  de- from,down  demerit 

1-de facto 

2- deambulate.

3- debit.


1-de facto:

 From the fact; in reality, actually. 


To walk away from one's home or in a different country.

Superstar players, on the other hand, are de facto partners of owners.


 iPads are becoming de facto work devices.  Good!   
  off- from  offspring 





remove the saddle from.


2-  (of winds) coming from the land 

3. in the near future

When they reached the corral she complimented him in turn by allowing him to offsaddle her horse 



As Christmas draws closer, more deep discounts are in the offing.

A bright light was visible far out in the offing .This sentence is from the Vocabulary dictionary for an uncommon meaning of offing.

There is a PBT TOEFL in the offing.

Why didn't you give the definition of "offing" if you wanted to write a sentence with it?   
  mid- middle  midsummer 


2- Mideast .

3- midfield.


describes something that's among, in the middle of .



the middle part of a playing field

Players on both teams gathered at midfield to exchange pushes and shoves.


The new players have a meeting in the midfield tomorrow

good!  4.2 / 5 points 
Carolyn  on- on  onshore 








1. onomatopoeia:

using words that imitate the sound they denote


the metaphysical study of the nature of being and existence


Gene ontology categories were assigned to each contig inferred to contain at least one conserved protein domain.

NatureNov 23, 2011


The word of clatter is a onomatopoeia.


Use the same word for the sample sentences! 

The Vocabulary Dictionary had some very good, common words for the prefix -on--see the words on the left.

  para- beside  paralegal 





(logic) a statement that contradicts itself


resembling or expressed by parables


A parabolic solar-thermal trough like ones that would be used at a solar power plant planned for the Mojave Desert.

New York TimesNov 2, 2011


The paradox of water is that it can help human beings and also harm human beings.  

good example sentence!!!!   
  per- throughout  pervasive 





the appearance of things relative to one another as determined by their distance from the viewer


walk with no particular goal


I can remember very distinctly that at three years of age all perspective drawings appeared to me as gross caricatures of objects.

Mach, Ernst


She has got a clear perspective of her future life.

  circu- around  circumvent 





heedful of potential consequences


a journey or route all the way around a particular place or area


There were checkpoints on the roads leading to the Bahrain International Circuit.

Seattle TimesApr 21, 2012


She took a quick circuit of a park.

  peri- all around  periphery 





collective term for the outer parts of a flower consisting of the calyx and corolla and enclosing the stamens and pistils


located around the heart or relating to or affecting the pericardium


The Food and Drug Administration said Edwards did not provide required information about certain types of annuloplasty ring devices and a pericardial heart valve device.

ReutersApr 6, 2010


The flowers of willows haven't don't have perianth.


I'm not familiar with this word, but you came up with a good sentence.  4.8 / 5 points 
Faeza  trans- through  transform 














An operation involving the moving a body organ from one person (the donor) to another person (the recipient).  


1. Allowing light to pass through: "The new window in the sunroom was transparent and let all the sunshine in."


Within two days, the transplanted kidney had regained function.

Seattle Times Apr 25, 2012 
The first human liver was transplanted by Dr. Thomas Starz of Denver, Colorado in 1963.  Excellent!   
  dia- through  dialect 

1. diagnosis













 The identification of an illness or disorder in a patient through physical examination, medical tests, or other procedures.


used of the study of a phenomenon (especially language) as it changes through time. 

Many children are given a diagnosis of A.D.H.D., researchers say, when in fact they have another problem: a sleep disorder, like sleep apnea.

New York Times Apr 16, 2012


Someone with the Diagnosis on of Alzheimer's disease can no longer recognize family members.  good work!
The sentence needs a person in subject position. 
  pro-  to go before or forward,in front of  propaganda 















1. Etymologically, "to move backward" and "forward".


2.  To make an official announcement of (something), by word of mouth in some public place; also, to cause this to be done by officers or agents. 

"Apple is committed to this framework, provided that other parties reciprocate," said Bruce Watrous, the firm's chief intellectual property counsel.

BBC Feb 8, 2012 
Martha will reciprocate her furniture for the favor next week by paying for lunch not sure you got the meaning of "reciprocate"  4.3 / 5 points 
Khalid   re- backward 



















To formally reject or to disavow a formerly held belief, usually under pressure. 

Recede:  To move back or away from a limit, point, or mark; for example, the people waited for the flood waters to recede before they could return to their homes.

 Recant: If you're someone who speaks before you think, you may need to recant, or take back, that overly honest assessment of your friend's new haircut.  My hair is starting to recede. Good exammples and sentences!   
  retro- backwards; behind  arrear 








retroact :To give back or to give something back to someone; such as, land or a territory.


retroflection: The act of bending backward. 

  sub-  beneath  subaqueous 








subarctic: . Of or relating to latitudes just south of the Arctic Circle as in landscape or weather conditions.


subatomic: Referring or relating to particles that are smaller than an atom.

  under-               incomplete work; 2.5 / 5 points 
Gopal   with- back away  withdraw 

1. Withstand



2. Withhold




3. Wither


4. Within 

5. Without

Resist or confront with resistance.



Hold back; refuse to hand over or share.


To prove they can withstand pain, many middle school and high school kids are taking on the "ice and salt challenge.


By doing so, we are withholding from our neediest students any reason to read at all.

The office building of Saint's Micheal College can withstand an earthquake of 6.5 magnitudes.


Jack was accused of withholding information from the police.  

Good examples and sentences!   
  super- over  supervisor

1. Superlative


2. Superstition



3. Superstar

4. Supersonic

5. Superfluous 

Highest in quality


An irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear



He was a young man of family, unburdened by superlative wealth, but possessing in his own person the primary elements of success. 


There has generally been sufficient superstition in all races to make amulets the popular means of averting calamity and preserving from sickness.

The word "biggest" is the superlative degree of "big".


The old superstition that black cats are unlucky is silly

Good examples and sentences; the second sentence is a fragment, however, and needs a main verb.  
  tele- distant  telecommunications 

1. Telescope



2. Telemarketing



3. Telebarometer

4. Telegraph

5. Teleplay 

A magnifier of images of distant objects 


The use of the telephone as an interactive medium for promotion and sales.


Neutron sources, synchrotrons, telescopes and particle accelerators all require highly trained staff and lots of consumables. 


Ms. Swanson says her lawsuit seeks to require Discover to stop its telemarketing practices and pay penalties and restitution to consumers.

Three years before, I looked saw (or watched, or looked at) a lunar eclipse through a type of telescope.  


The Telemarketing system is was introduced in Nepal in the 20th Century.

Good examples and sentences; please see the corrections. In the second sentence, PLACE (in Nepal) always comes before TIME (in the 20th century).  4.6 / 5 points 


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