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The activities are based on the text: Mahnke, M. K, & Duffy, C. (1996). The Heinemann ELT TOEFL Preparation Course. Oxford, UK: Heinemann.



  1. Click EDIT PAGE (top).
  2. From your handout, copy the area of meaning and example words.
  3. From the RESOURCES below, find 5 additional example words.
  4. Give a definition for two of the additional example words you found using the meaning given for the root or prefix. Highlight the root word in the definition.
  5. For 2 words, give the definition using the root meaning and highlighting it.
  6. Choose one word from your examples, and from the concordance in the resources below, copy a sentence with your word.
  7. For that one word, write your own simple sentence, using the root meaning of the word. Highlight it.
  8. Copy (CTRL+C) the information from the resources and paste (CTRL+V) it into the table in the Wiki.




  1. Dictionary of Latin & Greek Words in Modern English Vocabulary (Put the prefix or root in the search area to find many words and definitions for it.).

  2. To find definitions and additional words/expressions, see Online Dictionaries.
  3. Usage Examples: From Vocabulary.com, copy/paste a sample sentence that illustrates the meaning of the word clearly.

  4. Then write a simple sentence of your own with the same word.



Student  Prefix  Meaning  Example
5 additional

For 2 of the words, give a definition, using the meaning of the prefix and highlight it.

For one of the words, copy a usage example from Vocabulary.com.  For one word, write your own simple sentence, showing the meaning of the prefix.  Comments Evaluation
Carolyn  a-  not  amoral 







The scientific study of things that are not living; in other words, all of the science except those that are biological



Without color; colorless; unpigmented


A similar argument may be applied to find at what point an achromatic lens becomes sensibly superior to a single one.



Most of old generation's photographs are achromatic.

  dis-  not  disassociate 







A condition in which someone is unable to perform because of physical or mental incompetence



To refuse to approve; to reject



Even when Dad disapproves of how things are going and son gets in trouble.

New York TimesMar 6, 2012



Many people disapprove of the same-sex marriage.


  il-  not  illiterate 





5.illative (interesting word but uncommon; #2-4 would have been much better.)


Prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules



Resembling or dependent on or arrived at by inference


Critics say the law would force many poor women into seeking risky illegal abortions.

Seattle TimesApr 13, 2012


In most situations, the act of plagiarism is illegal.

Good work, but "illegal" is too easy!   5 / 5 points 
Gopal  im-  not 







impregnable (adj.)





Imbalance  (n)

immovable (adj)

Immature (adj)

Immiscible (adj.) 

Not probable; unlikely to take place or to be true or to happen. 


a lack of balance or state of disequilibrium


Your parents might tell you it's improbable that they'll buy you a car when you turn 16. 


The current imbalance between farming and conservation interests

a hormonal imbalance.


It is highly improbable that mining would be allowed in the national parks.  


Deforestation causes imbalance in biodiversity.

Good, but you didn't use "impregnable"! However, "improbable" is a good word, too, as is "imbalance".    
  in-  not  inactive 









Not loud enough to be heard; unhearable. 


showing a lack of attention or care



I wore a hearing aid through much of my life, but sounds & voices were still inaudible. 

Efficient service, but at quiet times staff members might congregate and table service become inattentive.

Sound produced by a bat is inaudible for human beings.


The professor is teaching in the class but most students are inattentive

good examples and sentences!   
  ir-  not  irrational 







easily irritated or annoyed


Impossible to repair, rectify, or amend


Then the man without these interior resources gives way, breaks down, becomes querulous, fretful, irritable, sour. 

The wrong is irreparable in so far as these men do not think of returning to America except as visitors.

Is there anything I can do to make you less irritable? 

The second word, irreparable, is an excellent example of the meaning of the prefix. The first one isn't.  5 /5 points 
Sadraque  mis-  bad, wrong  



1. misfeasance (noun)








2. misadventure (noun)










3. miszealous (adj)

4. misdiagnose

5. misconception

6. misclaim

7. misbehave  

(Law) a situation in which someone does not do something that the law says they are responsible for doing.



a) Bad luck or an accident.


b) In law, a death due to an unintentional accident without any violation of law or criminal negligence.

Of course the President cannot be held responsible for the misfeasances of subordinates, unless adopted or at least tolerated by him Deborha was guilty of a misfeasance.      
  non- not, nothing  



1. noncustodial











2. nonclandestine

3. non placet

4. non recuso laborem

5. non quis sed quid

6. non mobis nascimur

Not involving imprisonment or detention.  


Not providing protective supervision; watching over or safeguarding.

She received a noncustodial sentence from the court.  





He is afraid of receiving a noncustodial sentence.  

  un- one, single 




1. unanimous







2. uniform









3. undecennary

4. unibody

5. unify

6. uniflorous  

Shared as a view by all of the people concerned, with no one disagreeing.  


A particular type of glothing worn by all the members of a group or organization, such as the police, the army, etc.   

Congress gave its unanimous approval of the bill.   Their parents have been unanimous in supporting them.      0 / 5 points 
Amani  demi- half 

demirep (????)





1. demigod: a man in ancient stories, who is half god and half human.


2. demitasse:

small cup of strong black coffee without milk or cream.

No, thank you!” and she calls the waiter to bring a demitasse with cognac.

I do not believe that there is a demigod You chose two good words to illustrate the meaning of "demi".   
  hemi- half  hemisphere 




 1. hemicrania: a severe recurring vascular headache; occurs more frequently in women than men.

2. I did not find.

Some other diseases are erroneously called rheumatic, as hemicrania, and odontalgia.

women have the hemicrania  more than men.  You chose all uncommon words. "Hemisphere" is very common, however, and you should know it.   
  semi-  half









1. semiskilled: needing or having some skills or training.


2.semicircle: half a circle.

The incisors of each jaw are placed in close contact, forming a semicircle.


Semi Skilled work Makes you more interested. (I don't understand this sentence.) Good words and good definitions, but the sentence for "semi-skilled" doesn't show its meaning.  4.5 / 5 points 



one  monologue 

1. monoculous

2. Monostoatic

3.  monoandry (???) 

4. Monochrome

5. monocity (???)




Consisting of only one color and white; usually, of black and white.



Having just one eye.


Used television to view monochrome output

The printer is designed to print monochrome only on plain paper . Good definitions and examples, but #3. and #5 are not common. Probably the most common words for "mono" is "monopoly", and you should know its meaning!   
  uni- one  unification 

1. disunion .

2. reunion.

3. unicameral

4. uniflorous.

5. uniped.


Having or consisting of a single legislative chamber.


uniflorous :

Having just one flower.


uniped :

A person having only one foot (or leg); a one-footed creature


Unicameral parliament could become an elective dictatorship.


 Even though I have got a uniflorous  gift on my birthday, I am happy.  Interesting!  5 / 5 points 
Khalid  proto- primitive  fetoprotein










1- lipoprotein Any of the lipid-protein complexes in which lipids are transported in the blood.

2-protoplasm: The colorless liquid or jelly contents of a living cell, composed of proteins, fats, and other organic substances in water and which is regarded as the physical basis of all living matter and life functions.


the substance of a living cell (including cytoplasm and nucleus). 

A primitive human was no laws in his life.  0 work done I'm so sorry Professor I didn't know this was our homework.  
  olig- few, small  oligandrous 







oligocarpusHaving few carpels or fruit. 



oligemic: Pertaining to or characterized by oligemia. 

no more word in VOCAB

i didn't find any one      
  poly- too many, too much              0 / 5 points 



two- twice 



1- biannual 







1- occurring twice a year

2- having two branches, chambers, or houses as alegislative body. 

 The word bicameral originates from the Latin bi-, meaning "two," combined with camera, meaning "chamber."    I have to go to the doctor biannually to do checking up.  good examples and good sentence, Nouf, to illustrate the meaning of the prefix.   
  tri- three 







5- triangular

5- involving three people or teams.

4- a flat shape with three straight sides and three angles.


triangular pyrimid has a triangle for a base.   triangular sporting competition is of favorite sports.

some uncommon words; I crossed them out. Your sentence doesn't use the word correctly. Write a new sentence, please.

A sporting competition cannot be triangular. "Tri-" means "three." "Angular" means "angles". Therefore, a pyramid is triangular because it has three angles.  

4 / 5 points



ten  decade 












1.an athletic contest consisting of ten different events. 

2. a metric unit of length equal to ten meters.



1.Kill one in every ten, as mutineers in Roman armies. 

2.a longarithmic unit of sound intensity; 10 times the logarithm of the ratio of the sound intensity to some reference intensity.



Now hardly anyone knows who the decathlon champion might be.

New York Times Jun 6, 2010 

 After Earth’s population is decimated by a virus, the survivors are forced underground.

Time Nov 11, 2011

 "People are most likely to notice communication problems when their hearing loss exceeds 25 decibels," Lin said in an interview.

Seattle Times Jan 17, 2012


Mike Smith is one of the decathlon thletics athletes in 1986. 

Enviromental pollution decimates 9 million children every year.


Noisy decibels damage human ears.










Excellent sentences.

  cent- hundred    







2. per centum

3. century

4. centimeter

5. centile

1.One of 100 equal parts that a group of people can be divided into in order to rank them.

A quantity can be increased by any percentage but should not be decreased by more than 100 percent. 

The seats are supposed to fit men in the 95th percentile for height and weight.

New York Times Apr 3, 2012




"One hundred per centum of cases of neurasthenia are curable," responded the specialist.

Bleyer, Willard Grosvenor


Percentile life expectancy is shown in graph 7 .


100 per centum of the Women's Film Festival in Brattleboro are volunteers .

 Good words, illustrations, and sentences. 5 / 5 points
Gaudence hect- hundred   

1. hectoliter





2. hectogram




 3. hectare






 4. hectometer


 5. hectograph

a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 100 liters


One hundred grams, the equivalent of 1543.7 grains.

(abbreviated `ha') a unit of surface area equal to 100 ares (or 10,000 square meters)


a metric unit of length equal to 100 meters 

We have to give four hectoliters and two measures of our oats to the common granary....


Persky, Serge


During the Libyan war, fuel raised up increased to 2000 Rwandan franc per hectoliter.

  myria- ten thousand; uncountless  myriameter 

1. myriad





2. myriarch



 3. myriarchy



4. myriotheism

5. myrialiter


So many that they cannot be counted 


A captain, or commander, of ten thousand men.


Government by ten thousand rulers.







"The myriad stars were impossible to count."


On Thursday, a Hong Kong newspaper, Apple Daily, disclosed myriad details of Bo family dealings in line with those criticisms.

New York TimesApr 12, 2012


He was told that his country has experienced a myriadproblems related to drug war. 

  micro- small  microscope 

1. microscopic







 2. microparasite









3. micracoustic

4 .microfauna

5. microecology

A microorganism that lives as a parasite on other organisms and which is too small to be seen with the "naked" eye.



Something which is extremely small or that is not large enough to be seen with the naked eye but visible under a microscope.


Identifying and cultivating these microscopic food sources has proved difficult.

Scientific AmericanApr 6, 2012


My friend is suffering from a dermatological disease; consequently, she has been asked to give a small tissue as a sample for a microscopic test.

Excellent work!  5 / 5 points 


extra credit (Name?)



milli- thousandth  milligram 

1. million














2. millennium





 3. milligram



4. millisecond

5. milliwatt 

1. a cardinal number, a thousand times one thousand.


2. the amount of a thousand thousand units of money, as pounds, dollars, or francs


-   period of 1000 years.


- a thousandth anniversary.


One-thousandth of a gram.


The Boston-based custody bank's net income was $417 million, or 85 cents a share, including preferred stock dividends and other adjustments.

New York TimesApr 17, 2012


Maria was given three million Kenyan Shillings for the piece of land she sold yesterday.

This word is too easy! Good examples, though! 1 extra credit point 
Gaudence  macro- large  macroanalysis 

1. macroeconomics













2. macrocephalous




3. macroflora





4. macrobiosis








5. baromacrometer




A branch of economics that focuses on the general features and processes that make up a national economy and the ways in which different segments of the economy are connected (takes a singular verb).



An individual with an abnormally large head.


1. Plants that are large enough to be seen with the naked eye. 



1. Tending to prolong life; relating to the prolongation of life.
2. The science of prolonging life.



An instrument for ascertaining the weight and length of a newborn infant. 

“Looking back on my time at the Federal Reserve, it gave me the opportunity to be exposed to macroeconomics.”


SlateOct 17, 2011


A friend of mine was really happy because she got an A in Macroeconomics.

good!  1 extra credit point 
Gaudence  mega- large  megalomania 

1. megabyte 







2. megacosm










3. megafauna









4. megaseism




5. megazooid


 a unit of information equal to 1000 kilobytes or 10^6 (1,000,000) bytes



The great world or that part of the universe which is exterior to man; as contrasted with microcosm, or mankind.



1. Large or relatively large animals, as of a particular region or period, considered as a group.


A violent earthquake



Large animals.

How are you supposed to know how many megabytes will be used up by a certain Web page or e-mail session?

New York TimesMar 21, 2012 
The photoes I emailed were 12 megabytes in size.    1 extra credit point 
Gaudence  magni- Great  magnitude 

1. magnanimity





 2. magnitude  






3.   magnificence




 4. magnocellular





5. magnisonant  

Great generosity or noble-spiritedness.




 The quality or fact of being great, in various senses; in the physical sense, great size or extent.


Glory; greatness of nature or reputation.


Consisting of, designating, or relating to neurons with large cell bodies.


Sounding great or important.   

He treated his prisoner with almost ostentatious magnanimity, and took him to Bordeaux, whence they sailed to England in May 1357.



Using his own calculations with real-time GPS data from the Japanese earthquake, Melbourne got the right magnitude within two minutes.        

Scientific AmericanApr 20, 2012 
Magnanimity is a special quality to have Good examples and sentences  1 extra credit point 




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